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Rules and Regulations

General Conduct

Refs have final call on rulings while on the field. Do not argue or attempt to fight a ref's decision during a game. If there is a problem with a ref, bring it to the front desk and ask a member of management. Refs are humans too, and may make mistakes or misunderstand the intent, meaning, or application of a rule from time to time. Management will handle the situation, not you.

Refs and other members of staff may make rulings that are not contained in this document as necessary for the safety and integrity of the game as problems come up. If you have a problem with a ruling, please discuss it in a civil, respectful manner with staff outside of the game. 

Special game modes may have more or less rules than what are contained here, and will be explained prior to the game starting.

Avoid extensive cursing. This is an adult oriented field, but you should remain civil.

Dead men tell no tales. When you are killed, you must silently return to spawn or exit the field, depending on the game type. Giving away enemy positions or talking to other living players while dead may have you removed from the game, or if you continue from the field for the day.

When you are hit, make sure to call out "HIT" loudly and clearly. Use a Dead Rag or hold your hands above your head, and return to spawn. This prevents you from being overshot.

Friendly fire counts, even against yourself. Check your target.

If you and another player both shoot each other at the same time, you are both dead.

Hits to your gun count as hits to you. 

Knife kills or stealth kills are allowed with a rubber or foam prop knife, or other approved melee weapons, and should be done with a light tap. 

Ricochets off of hard surfaces do not count as a hit. Brush does NOT protect you. 

If an enemy player is not calling hits or is breaking a rule, do not confront them. Alert a ref. 

If you see a player on your team get hit and they do not feel it, let them know.

Hosing, dumping, or overshooting is considered extremely poor sportsmanship, and should be reported to refs. If you have been warned by a ref and continue to engage in this behavior, you may be banned from the field.

Blind firing is not allowed. Always confirm your targets to make sure you are not shooting observers, refs, dead players, etc. If you are warned by a ref and continue, you may be removed from the field for the day.

Refs will be out in the field in orange high vis vests. If you arrive in bright orange clothing that could be mistaken for a ref, you may not be allowed on the field that day. Observers, such as parents and film crew may bring their own, non-orange high vis vests or borrow one from the site. Intentionally shooting refs or observers may result in removal from the field for the day, or in serious cases being banned from the site.

Zero Tolerance Rules

The following rules have zero tolerance, and will result in your immediate removal from the field and a potential ban.

No alcohol or illegal drugs of any kind are allowed on site. 

Theft of field equipment, or another player's equipment.

Damage to the field of any kind, including littering.

Moving, altering, or changing structures in any way is not allowed.

Aggressive physical contact towards another player or staff outside the bounds of the game.

Disrespect towards other players or staff is not tolerated.

No real weapons of any kind are allowed outside of your vehicle. This applies to knives, guns, and other weapons.

Chrono Check

All personal replicas will be chrono checked on arrival, and assigned a class based on how many Joules they fire with your preferred ammo weight. Due to slight variation in performance and chronographs, +/-0.05j will give the player choice between two adjacent classes.

SMG- Low power replicas shooting under  1.00j, or ~330FPS with a .20g BB. Full auto and 3Rnd burst allowed, no MED.

Rifleman/Standard- Regular power airsoft replicas. Max 1.50j, or ~400FPS with a .20g BB. No MED, semi-automatic or 3Rnd burst.

Machine Gun- Higher power, high capacity replicas for area suppression. Max 2.00j, or ~450-460 with .20g BB. Full auto allowed with a 50 foot MED. 

Designated Marksman Rifle(DMR)- Higher power, lower capacity replicas for longer range, highly accurate shots. Max 2.00j, or ~450-460 with .20g BB. Semi-Auto and midcaps only, with a 50 foot MED. 

Sniper- Long range, high power weapons. Max 3.00j or ~570FPS with .20g BB. Bolt/Spring or digitally reduced fire rate semi-automatic only, 100 foot MED.

  • Sniper rifles are only allowed for pre-approved players who are known for good behavior, as they can cause serious injury if misused. If you wish to use a sniper rifle, consider using a DMR class weapon to show us we can trust you for proper safety.

Shotguns- Single fire or burst weapons with a pump action. Same rules as Rifleman, just a different kind of replica.

Sidearms- A sidearm is typically a handgun, but may also commonly be a machine pistol or small SMG style gun. They are meant to be used as a backup weapon, and may fill in a weakness of the primary replica. Sidearms follow the same rules as the class they match up with for Joule limits. 

Grenadier- Special weapons that fire projectiles in an AoE. Grenade launchers CANNOT use pyrotechnics, and have a 50 foot MED. Rubber, spring grenades, or gas powered rounds only. Do not fire directly at a player.

Automatic Fire

Most classes do not allow automatic fire. For those that do, the following additional rules apply.

You may not fire auto indoors, or within a structure. You MUST switch to semi-automatic or burst while indoors or inside of a structure.

You may fire into a structure if you are standing outside of it, or from inside of it going outside if your barrel tip is protruding outside of the structure. 

Protective Gear

While on our site you must have completely sealed eye protection that is z87 rated. Mesh is not acceptable on it's own, but may be paired with z87 rated safety glasses. No ifs, ands, or buts. This is a full stop rule. You may only remove your eye protection when in the prep area near sign in. 

Mouth protection is required for all participants under 18. It is highly encouraged for all players, even if not required.

Ear protection is highly encouraged, but not required. This isn't for loud sounds, but because your ears are fragile and could get hit. One-in-a-million shots can happen. Balaclavas, scarves, wraps, and ear cups are all good solutions, and many also protect your neck as well. 

Closed toed footwear only. Crocs do not count. We suggest good, stable boots with ankle support if you have them, but a good pair of shoes works. 

Long sleeves and long pants are highly encouraged. It hurts to get shot in the arm, and the woods can have thorns, branches, and poison ivy. You can usually get army BDUs at a thrift store if you want camo on the cheap.

Gloves are recommended but not required, as getting shot in the hand hurts like hell.

Other Equipment

Some other types of equipment are popular in airsoft or have niche uses, but are not considered protective gear or a replica. 

Ballistic Shield- You may use a ballistic shield(solid or clear), but it counts as a primary weapon. You may not move faster than a slow walk while holding the shield upright- think of it as semi-mobile cover. Pistols and shotguns are allowed with a ballistic shield. You are not immune to hits while using a ballistic shield, and you must pay attention to both your feet and head for calling hits. Blind firing rules apply to riot shields as normal- make sure you can see your target before you shoot.

Gun Shield- Gun Shields are treated as a hit when struck, and are mainly used for "operator" kits. 

Dead Rag- Players often use a brightly colored red cloth to more easily show off that they are dead. When you are hit, you should pull out your dead rag and place it on your shoulder, head, or in your hands so enemy players can see it. If you do not have one, you may hold your hands above your head in a "surrender" position while you are dead. A Dead Rag is suggested to be at least 12x12 inches and should be bright red. 

Melee Weapons- Foam or rubber prop weapons may be used for silent melee kills. All prop weapons require approval prior to use, though most knives will be approved without issue. For larger prop weapons, such as a katana, axe, or bayonet, the weapon may require examination. You should not swing prop weapons like a bat, or otherwise attempt to cause pain to another player. Do NOT throw or stab with a prop weapon. A light tap is sufficient in all cases. If you are killed with a melee weapon, do not call a hit. Simply raise your hands or take out your Dead Rag, and wait for a chance to quietly return to spawn.

Grenades- Hand held grenades are allowed, but pyrotechnics of all sorts are strictly prohibited. This applies to smoke grenades as well. Grenades must be rubber dummies or frag style grenades. We do not allow sonic grenades as they are loud and may cause hearing damage. Grenades must be thrown underhand, and you should loudly shout "GRENADE," "FRAG," "FIRE IN THE HOLE," or another similar announcement so refs and players are paying attention to where it lands. Dummy grenades have a 15 foot kill radius from the point of impact. Shower type grenades have a 5 foot kill, in addition to anything their BBs hit. This includes ricochets. Hard cover, such as walls and barricades, protect from grenades. Trees and brush do not. 


Replica Safety

When you are not in the play or staging area, remove your magazines from your replica and put it into "safety" mode. 

Your replicas should only ever be in a firing mode when at the chrono station or in the field during a game. 

Keep your barrel pointed downwards at all times when not in the field or using the chrono station. 

Do NOT point your airsoft gun at anything you do not plan to shoot. Avoid sweeping other players. 

Keep your finger off the trigger unless you are shooting at another player on the field, or testing your replica at the chrono station.

Do not shoot at any creature not involved in the game. This includes wildlife, farm animals, pets, observers, refs, etc. If you are found to be breaking this rule, you may be removed from the site. 

We encourage, but do not require, a barrel sock or gun sleeve for transporting your gun to and from your vehicle and the field. 

HPA Guns

You do not need to worry about this section if you do not use HPA guns, or know what they are.

We allow the use of HPA guns at our field, but you must follow the instructions below. You do not need to worry about this section if you do not use HPA guns.

If you bring an HPA gun, you will be required to Chrono with the BB weight you plan to use, and place your own regulator lock on your gun at this time. If you wish to change your weapon class, you may do so in between games at the chrono station and relock your gun. 

Modifying your HPA regulator during a game will result in immediate removal for the day. 


Since we do not have an MED for riflemen, shotguns, etc., we do not have a mandatory "bang" rule in effect for close quarters. Instead, if you come across an enemy player who has not spotted you, you may instead offer them a surrender. To do this, simply shout or say "surrender," "hands up," or another commonly understood phrase.

If a player or players surrender, they should put their hands above their head and return to spawn as if they had been killed normally. 

A player does not have to surrender if offered, and may attempt to turn and fire at you. If they do so, you are allowed to fire and kill them as normal. 

This rule is optional, and is offered as a courtesy so that you do not have to be shot at close range or be "that guy." Please strongly consider using it should the situation arise. Players will remember if you do or do not give them this courtesy.

Gear Rentals

If you do not have your own gear, we have gear available for rent. 

All rental equipment will be test fired before it is given to you, and tested again when returned to make sure it still operates correctly and is undamaged.

Rented gear must be returned in good condition- No cracks, breaks, or damage to components. Normal wear and tear, such as scratches, dings, and dirt are fine.

Rented gear must be returned before you leave the field. You will be required to leave your ID when you rent gear to prevent theft. Your ID will be kept in a secure location along with your rental contract.

There are no refunds on gear rentals even if you stop playing early, there is unpleasant weather(If there is thunder, rain, hail, or active snowfall we will close down early to prevent risk of injury and damage), or if you rent online and do not show. 

Your rental agreement is good for the whole day and for unlimited games, but if you leave the site and come back you may have to wait for a rental kit to become available. 

We reserve the right to refuse to rent equipment to anyone for any reason, and to remove you from the site for violating our rules. If you are removed from the site for violating our rules, you are not entitled to a refund. 

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